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Never stop learning and growing!


Hi Guys!!  My name is Susan Tucker and I am beyond excited to begin this new chapter in my life with my daughter, Anna!  I am the Co-Founder of S & A Wellness Duo, an all-encompassing brand that promotes wellness, health, fitness and all things natural.   So we hope you enjoy following us and checking in frequently!! 

I have the pleasure of living in the Piedmont area of the beautiful state of North Carolina with my husband, best friend, and high school sweetheart, Neal. We have 2 wonderful children, Justin and Anna, who are beginning their own journey.  Justin married Julia, October, 2014, and Anna was married to Austin, October, 2015.  Neal and I are living the life of empty-nesters and at times still don’t know what to do with ourselves!!  Neal is a Civil Engineer and I am a retired high school science teacher!  I have a B.S. Degree in Biology and spent 27 years proudly serving the students of North Carolina!  I taught all levels of biology and chemistry but the one subject that changed my life was teaching AP Environmental Science!  I learned about the chemical bombardment our bodies face every day and the GMO’s that plague our food supply. 

I wanted to somehow make a difference; to change the world; to help people take back their health, but didn’t know how, until now!

I have always been a health enthusiast!  I told Neal to forget the flowers after the birth of my first child, Justin, and get me the new Jane Fonda Workout Video! (Still have it!!) I was going to lose that weight!  During my pregnancy I developed gestational diabetes, gained 45-50 pounds (pizza never tasted so good!!) and had a very difficult delivery.  The neonatologist told me to stay slim and avoid sugar for the rest of my life or I would develop diabetes later.  (So far, so good)  However, I developed hypothyroidism in my late 30’s and began to experience first hand what Anna had experienced since she was 11, the fatigue, the weight gain, the foggy brain.  After Anna was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 11, I went on this "search for the cure” as all good mothers do to help their children.  I researched everything written about hypothyroidism at the time, which was not much! We went from doctor to doctor but finally found hope in naturopathic medicine.  When I retired, I finally had the time to do some of the things that I’ve always wanted to do but did not have the time.  I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and learned about using essential oils in place of toxic chemicals.   I then studied integrative nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  After becoming a health coach, I wanted to learn more about essential oils and I completed Dr. Axe’s Institude of Nutritional Leadership.   I hope what we have learned will help you out in your own struggle with health and wellness.

If you asked Neal about my hobbies, he would tell you my favorite ones are “researching” and “working out”! I do like my research!  You can find my stack of notes all around the house and I do work out most days.  But I actually also love retail therapy, spa days, traveling and toes in the sand at the beach!  Oh yes, and a good glass of wine.

Please follow us as we begin this new chapter of life!  Good Health!